The Transformative Power of Festivals!

The Transformative Power of Festivals!

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There's no denying it, there's something truly magical and transformative that transpires when we attend a festival! 

The summer festival season is wrapping up in Australia. And clearly festivals are a very special and integral part of Ziji.
So we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to write Ziji’s first blog post, on a topic that is so close to our hearts. And a beautiful time to shine a light on the incredible experiences festivals provide, and the beautiful opportunities we can take from them.

SO, what makes these arenas such potent melting pots of MAGIC?
Is it the safe space they offer adults for uninhibited FREEDOM?
To let go of any ‘shoulds’, expectations or external pressures that we feel in the ‘real world’? 
Is it the opportunity to drop into our bodies and PLAY with child like wonder?
To feel so richly connected to ourselves, as well as those around us.
Is it the exploding creativity that pours from every corner of the festival, which ignites our own imaginations?
Or the invitation to flow with life and follow the little magical breadcrumbs (or pieces of glitter) that present themselves.
Is it something to do with the lack of wifi available at most festival locations?
And the opportunity this provides for us to disconnect from outside noise, in-turn fostering deeper presence and awareness within
Maybe it’s the sheer fact that they offer a space in which we can be with, as well as share, whichever parts of ourselves that feel most alive in each moment.
Or is it the chance we have to dress in wild and expressive ways, that we don’t usually feel permission to in everyday life?

Perhaps it’s a little from column a.) through to z.)?

When I experienced my first Rainbow Serpent Festival, I could not believe that a playground for adults like this existed.. And that I’d only found it at the ripe and excitable age of 24. An adult playground where no rules existed. Where I got to dance and LAUGH and BE and PLAY and roll around on hills with my friends. Where I got to meet so many strangers that instantly became friends. Who welcomed me with smiles or dance-floor cocktails or throat lozenges for my struggling voice. Where the hardest decision I had to make was when I should stop having so much FUN and get some rest.

THIS IS IT. I thought. I need MORE of this! And so I set out attending any and every 'bush doof' I could get to and creating costumes with any and every leopard print item I could get my paws on. And there birthed Ziji, literally on these dance floors. Initially for my personal quest to find (but then instead create) the perfect sleek and feminine belt bag. The Ziji collection has slowly evolved alongside my own festival wear needs, as well as requests from our beautiful customers.

And now I have the pleasure of experiencing these spaces in a completely different way with my Ziji Market Stalls. Arriving to festivals for Ziji has become one of my favourite feelings. There is a buzz of excitement within me. Mixed with warm hearted pride. I love the feeling of being a part of the festival and arriving a day before punters, and the grounded experience this sets the foundations for. I love reconnecting with dear friends who have become family through this community of stall holders. We share the whole roller coaster experience of the festival. We face challenges together, support one another, and mostly celebrate with one another. We share tea, expansive conversations, cuddles and meals with one another in our communal campsite, and many explosive dance floor moments after our days of trading.

I get to meet customers face to face (which is something I don’t usually have the opportunity to do, being an online brand). I LOVE seeing all walks of life rocking Ziji and I appreciate so much the warmth, joy and electricity you all bring to my stall and my day, as well as the way you support my little creative dream. I get to feel SO proud seeing Ziji rocked in real time, and I get to connect with so many truly beautiful humans.

So why is it that, even though we may be a little sleep deprived, very much in need of a good wash and completely out of sync with our usual routines, that we come away from these festivals feeling SO damn GOOD? And have that post festival GLOW (spoiler alert, it’s not just the even skin tone and tan that we gain from the layer of dirt).

The way I understand it, is that we get to experience a big RESET when we invest in a weekend away like this. Where the noise of the busy modern world we all live in gets muted for enough time for us to STOP and BE. To RECALIBRATE. To CONNECT to ourselves. As well as to COMMUNITY. To our FEELING bodies. To the POSSIBILITIES available to us.

We get to experience this seismic SHIFT. Where life feels lighter. And our spirits feel rejuvenated. A little more free to be. We remember what is really most important. And we allow ourselves to give more focus and energy to those things.

We then have the beautiful opportunity to take all that we have gained from this magical melting pot of possibility and integrate it into our everyday lives. To bring the ‘doof’ home with us and keep the magic alive for as long as we can remember.

All cheese aside, festivals really are life altering, path correcting & evolution boosting. 

I certainly owe a lot to these festival experiences and the path they set me on. I still love them and gain so much from them. I particularly love the way I now get to experience them with Ziji, and with you.

Thank you so much to everyone who was a part of our summer festival season. Who came to visit us at the stall, share hilarious chat, offer hugs or words of support and encouragement. To my beautiful friends who manned the stall with me and helped to share the essence of Ziji. To those who danced with us, rocked the socks off your Ziji kits or made my heart feel warm and fuzzy with your presence.

I can’t wait for all of it again next season. I hope to see on a dance floor!

Much love, Rikki-lee. X

To see more of our stunning festival photos and experiences, please join our festival fam on our insta page @zijithelabel.

We're loving seeing you guys rocking our new Crops at your festivals!

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